Chemical Division

Chemical Division

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Principally engaged in the importation & distribution of Pharmaceutical and Industrial Raw Materials, Testing Instruments, Paint, Palm Oil Products and Raw material for Rubber and tire Industry through the Chemical Department

Indenting Division (holding representation for overseas chemical manufacturers) Industries catered to :

Rubber Industry

Dry Rubber Products Manufacturers
  • Solid Tyre Manufacturers
  • Pneumatic Tyre Manufacturers (Automotive Tyres/Bicycle Tyres/Motorcycle Tyres) & Tyre Retreading Industries
  • Manufacturers of extruded and moulded Rubber goods
Latex Products manufactures
  • Glove Manufacturers (Examination/Surgical/Industrial)
  • Condoms Manufacturers
  • Foam Cushions/Mattress Manufacturers

Paints Industry

  • Decorative Paints Manufacturers
  • Industrial/Stoving Paint Manufacturers
  • Automotive Paint Manufacturers (For Automotive re-paint Industry)
  • Marine Paint Manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of Wall Fillers/Wall Putt & Car Putty Manufacturers

Soap & Detergents Industry

  • Manufactures of Toilet/Laundry Soaps
  • Manufactures of Body Shampoos & Conditioner
  • Manufactures of Automotive/Body Shampoos

Personal Body Care Products Manufacturing

Cosmetic Manufactures, Body Lotions/Creams Manufactures Products supplied/Names of overseas Principals

To : Rubber manufacturing sector

  • Flexsys and Solutia (Eastman Chemicals Group, USA) range of Rubber Chemicals

    Santoflex 6PPD - Antidegradants & Crystex range of Insoluble Sulphur

  • Natural Oleochemicals SDN BHD, Malaysia & Adani Wilmar, Singapore

    Stearic Acid, Lauric Acid

  • Ineos Melamines LLC, USA

    Resimene 3520 - Adhesive promoters

  • Alpha Technologies, America LP, USA (Dynisco Group)


    • Osculation Disc Rheometers - MDR 2000
    • Moving Die Rheometers - ODR 2000
    • Tensile Testers - T10/T2000

    DisperGraders - Carbon Black/Silica Dispersion Instruments Tensometer T 2000, Tensometer T10

    Processability Tester - RPA

  • Global Chemical Co Ltd, Thailand

    Active Zinc Oxide & Other Grades

  • Chempro Technology (M) SDN BHD, Malaysia

    Cleaning Chemicals, Coagulants (Powder free) & Polymer

  • Phillips Carbon Black Ltd, India

    Carbon Black Grades: N-330, N-375, N-351, N-220, N-550, N-762, N-234, N-339, N-241, N-326, N-660


To : Paints Sector

  • Thor Specialities Ltd, UK

    Acticide range of Biocides: Acticide HF, BX-H, EPW, EP Paste, DW, 50-X, EPW1.MV, FP,

  • Acti-Chem Pvt Ltd - S. Africa

    Octoate Driers & Ant-Skinning Agent

  • Toyo Inks & Colorants Ltd , Taiwan

    Cosmos Red DWG, Phthallo Blue PRPL, Phthallo Green NY, Yellow, Lake Red C Conc

  • Hangzhou X-Color Imp/Exp Co Ltd, China

    " X " brand- range of Iron Oxide Pigments - Red, Black, Brown

To : Soap & Detergents Sector

  • Palm Fatty Acid Blend & Palm Stearin